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You can explore the Members page to find people, follow them and send them connection request. Once you are connected to a member, you can chat with them using the message service on The Hive. You can build your learning network on The Hive by connecting and following members with similar interests or profession. 

Follow the Activity Feed to find what's trending

Activity Feed is the central location of The Hive. All the activities: posts, comments, events, tweets, blogs etc. are consolidated and shown here. You can like a post, comment on it or create your own post by simply asking a question to the community.  

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Bee Skilled Hive is a unique platform where members can connect with each other while learning new skills and competencies. Join the Virtual Classrooms of Micro Learning and Collective Learning Series of courses on various topics. 

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Never miss any opportunity to gain new knowledge and engage with your peers. Join the technical groups as per your interest and participate in discussions, webinars, contests and more. All the discussions on The Hive are accessible on forum page.