Collective Learning certificate 1: Supply chain for health

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24 CPD hours

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EQF: Level 5

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Several thousands of health workers join the public health system in Low-and Middle-Income countries every year. Out of those, many get roped into public health supply chain without any context specific technical training, which is described as task shifting. Since, most of the public health supply chains in LMICs are still largely donor driven, the organisations find it difficult to develop competencies in those cadres to achieve efficiency in the workplace. There are several training courses on health supply chain available in the market today which are offered in classroom settings or online. However, most of those courses do not consider the contextual learning needs of the candidate or provide them with real-world competencies. 

Currently, there is a push for health professionals to learn supply chain concepts through internationally accredited organisations like APICS, CIPS, CILT etc. However, most of us don’t ask the question of how do we apply the commercial sector concepts in public sector or whether the health professionals are equipped to handle those intensive courses? There is no question about the quality or relevance of the materials in those courses, but students must be fully equipped for the advanced learning on offer.

Moreover, all the professionally accredited courses or other health supply chain courses are mostly beyond the financial reach of most candidates in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. A few who are able to participate, do that with high financial burden, or funded by their organisations. Hence, there remains a demand for a course which competes with the professionally accredited courses on quality of content and are offered in an affordable manner in making it accessible to everyone.

The Collective Learning Certificate Course: Supply Chain for Health combines the internationally accepted supply chain competencies with the public health context, to make it relevant and relatable for public health academics and professionals. It is the first course in the sector, where participants not only learn from the content, but also from their peers through several group and individual networking opportunities.

The course is designed using European Qualifications Framework (EQF: Level 5), and focusses on key competencies at tactical and operational level (from People that Deliver Competency Compendium for Health Supply Chain Management). 

Upon successful completion of the course and the assessment, learners will receive a globally accredited CPD certificate worth 24 CPD points which will also be showcased on learners profile on The Hive.

At the end of this course, Learners will be able to:

Who is the course for?

Public Health Professionals with up to 5 years of experience – Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Biomedical Engineers, Frontline Health Workers, Management Staff working in supply chains or health programs.

Healthcare Academics – Graduate or Post graduate students of Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Biomedical Engineering who intend to learn about the public health supply chain

Learning Journey

This module explains the objectives of a Health System; its components, functions and stakeholders. It also describes how supply chain is a key component of health system, contributing to Universal Health Coverage.

Videos + Self-learning + Discussion + Quiz: 1.5 hours

This module introduces supply chain as a business function, various process, it’s organisation in public health, roles of key stakeholders and how public health supply chain can be complex in nature.

Videos + Self-learning + Discussions + Case Study + Quizzes + Assignment: 2 hours

This module focusses on the most fundamental part of supply chain: the products (in this case: medical commodities). It explains the complexities in medical commodities that need to be managed while managing the supply chain.

Videos + Self-learning + Discussion + Quiz: 1.5 hours 

The module explains how to determine the quantities of medical products for health programmes. It focusses on key competencies related to forecasting and supply planning.

Videos + Self-learning + Discussion + Quizzes + Assignment + Virtual Classroom Sessions: 6 hours

This module focusses on the practice of Strategic Procurement. It explains how to effectively practice national and international public procurement to ensure continuous product availability, improved product quality and reduced costs.

Videos + Self-learning + Discussion + Quizzes + Assignment + Virtual Classroom session: 6 hours

This module provides an understanding of storage and distribution in the public health sector. It also focusses on how warehouses must be organised and inventory management approaches. 

Videos + Self-learning + Discussion + Quizzes + Assignment + Classroom session: 5 hours

This module provides a basic understanding of the key enablers of supply chain in the public health sector. It sets up the stage for the second collective learning certificate: supply chain for health, focussing primarily on supply chain enabling functions.

Videos + Self-learning + Discussion + Quizzes: 2 hours

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