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The Hive

The concept of The Hive is inspired from Eusociality, where members live, learn and work together, creating shared value in the process.

The Hive is the central place where all the action happens. Its modern, user friendly, and encourages human interaction. It creates a space for everyone to interact, learn new skills, share opinions, solve issues, thereby creating shared value.

‘The Hive’ provides you with a safe space to express yourself, without any discrimination or prejudice. You can connect with members, speak to them, ask questions to the community, respond to someone else’s question, engage with experts and while doing all this, learn new skills to further navigate and grow in your career.

The Hive also offers online courses where learning strategies are modelled on lifelong learning approaches, recognising the fact that you need different skills as you grow in your career. The courses are hence, designed to encourage you to learn new competencies, adapt and apply them to gain professional experience before moving to the next competency level.

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Collective Learning Certificate 1:

Supply Chain for Health

This CPD certified course focusses on Core Supply Chain functions and combines the internationally accepted supply chain competencies with the public health context, to make it relevant and relatable for public health academics and professionals.


Certificat d'apprentissage collectif n° 1

chaîne d'approvisionnement pour la santé

Ce cours certifié CPD se concentre sur les fonctions de base de la chaîne d’approvisionnement et combine les compétences de la chaîne d’approvisionnement internationalement acceptées avec le contexte de la santé publique, pour le rendre pertinent et pour les universitaires et les professionnels de la santé publique.

8 Modules (fr)


Micro Learning Credential:

ABC Analysis and its Application in Supply Chain

This course is designed for health professionals working in Health Facilities, Hospitals, Warehouses etc. The course will help learners apply ABC analysis for various purposes in Health Supply Chains.

5 Modules

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Current Communities of Practices


Supply Chain for Health

Supply chains are a key component of health systems. All health programs depend on supply chain operations for availability of products. This community is for individuals and professionals working in health supply chains, or in health systems who would want to learn more about the role supply chains play in health systems functioning.

200+ Members

Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage

The world in 2015 pledged to make health a basic right for human beings on this planet. The goal is to ensure that all people and communities can use health services they need, without any financial hardship. In this group, we discuss the progress made by various countries on Universal Health Coverage, and how some countries are struggling in achieving the same.

50+ Members


Fighting COVID-19 Virus

The world is currently in turmoil because of the global pandemic. The circumstances are rapidly changing with new information, government policies and safety guidelines. This group aims to keep tabs on the evolving pandemic, bring new information and encourages its members to share information and best practices.

50+ Members

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